Volga Shipping Company
15A Markin square, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, 603001
Tel.: +7 (831) 431?3001
Dry cargo and liquid bulk cargo transportation by rivers and seas
One of the largest shipping companies in Russia
10.8 mln t - cargo volume in 2018
More than 200 units with a total deadweight of 1.1 mln tons

About Company

Volga Shipping Company JSC, one of Russia’s largest shipping companies, was set up in 1843. It performs cargo shipping along the inland water ways of Russia, by river-sea and international routes.
The company’s geographic footprint on inland water ways covers the territories of the North-Western, Central, Volga, Azov-Don, Kama and Belsk basins with the entry into coastal waters of the Baltic, Black and Caspian seas.

Key cargo flows of river-sea fleet include seaports of Europe, Middle east, North Africa and the Caspian Sea.

In the navigation period, VSC ships carry dry bulk cargo from the ports of Saint-Petersburg (including Ladoga and Onega lakes), Moscow, Upper Kama (Berezniki, Solikamsk) to Astrakhan and the ports of the Azov and Black seas as well as oil products by inland water ways from river terminals of Russia’s European part to transit points of the northern (Saint-Petersburg, Vysotsk) and southern (Kerch, Kavkaz) directions.

Transportation of liquid bulk cargo from Russian ports of the Azov, Black and Caspian seas to foreign ports of the Black, Caspian, Mediterranean, Red, North and Baltic seas and between non-freezing foreign port is carried out all the year round.

Volga Shipping Company holds the leading position in the market of cargo transportation within the European part of Russia: the company accounts for over a half of the country’s inland water transport throughput.
10.8 million tonnes – volume of the company’s shipments in 2018.


  • Dry bulk cargo: mineral and chemical fertilizers, grain, timber, salt, construction materials, coal, metal and metal goods, sulfur, industrial and chemical feedstock)
  • Liquid bulk cargo (crude oil and oil products, vegetable oils, liquid chemicals of IMO-II class)
  • General cargo
  • Overweight and oversize cargo


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