V.F. Tanker
5-а, Gordeevskaya st., N.Novgorod, Russia, 603116
Tel.: +7 (831) 277?0011
The shipping company “V.F.Tanker” Ltd. specializes in transporting liquid bulk cargoes by domestic and international water routes
Сargo volume in 2017: 3.2 mln tons
31 oil tankers of river-sea type
62 vessels with total deadweight more than 300 th. t
9 vessels of «Volga-Flot» type
7 «tug + 2 barges» trains
Transporting of crude oil, fuel oil, diesel oil, gasoline, food and industrial oils and IMOII Class chemical goods

About Company

The shipping company “V.F.Tanker” Ltd. specializes in transporting liquid bulk cargoes by domestic and international water routes. Our fleet transports crude oil, fuel oil, diesel oil, gasoline, food and industrial oils and IMOII Class chemical goods.

The main objective of “V.F.Tanker” Ltd. is to ensure the timely and safe transportation of oil products both to consumers of such products in Russia and for export.

An impeccable reputation and a high quality of transportation services are confirmed by the company's many years of experience with a number of cargo owners. A significant part of the company's shipments are performed on the basis of long-term contracts.

The geography of the company’s transport operations: the inland waterways of Russia, the basins of the Black, Azov, Caspian, Mediterranean, Baltic and North Seas.

The consistent development strategy of the company is focused on:

  • strengthening and expanding long-term partnerships with leading companies in the oil industry;
  • modernizing the fleet to meet the requirements as to quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of services provided;
  • ensuring the safety of vessels and people involved in the transportation process, preventing damage to the environment and property in accordance with international and national standards on the basis of the company’s own experience and in line with the world's  best shipping traditions.

Volume of transported cargo in 2017: 3.2 mln tons.

Fleet average age: 16 years.

“V.F.Tanker” commercially operates 62 self-propelled, non-self-propelled and technical vessels.



The main activity of “V.F.Tanker” shipping company is export-import transportation of liquid bulk cargoes by inland waterways of Russia and international sea areas, including:

  • Oil products: fuel oil, vacuum gas oil (VGO), diesel fuel, naphtha, base oils, bitumen, crude oil, gasoline
  • Vegetable oils: sunflower, rapeseed, palm and other oils; esters of fatty acid methyl (biodiesel components) and biodiesel.

Oil products may be transported either directly or using a mixed mode (with transshipments in transit). The company carries out transshipment from river barges and tankers operating on inland waterways to ships of mixed (river-sea) navigation using an oil pumping station at the Volgograd anchorage. Food oils are transported directly from sea ports.

Having a large number of different vessels allows us to offer our partners both one-time deliveries and transportation operations on a long-term basis, taking into account the specifics of the goods, the direction and volume of transported goods, navigation conditions and characteristics of the port terminals.

Long-term contracts with transported goods volumes ranging from 600 to 1000 thousand tons per year, performed by “V.F.Tanker” Ltd. for its major clients, can be increased if this is needed by a customer.

In case it is so required for performing long-term contracts, the company can build new ships, in accordance with the requirements and objectives set by the consignors.

We also perform export-import transportation of bulk, general and project cargoes.

Our highly skilled fleet operation professionals will:

  • provide advice to choose the optimal scheme of cargo transportation;
  • properly draw up the contract and shipping documents for transportation;
  • organize good and timely performance of transport services.

In our cooperation with our partners, we strictly adhere to the following basic principles:

  • staff professionalism and stable achievement of the necessary result;
  • respecting the objectives and requirements of our partners and an individual approach;
  • a responsible approach in working with partners and perfect fulfillment of contractual obligations;
  • flexible tariff policy and partnership.



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