North-Western Shipping Company
3, Pirogova pereulok, Saint-Petersburg, 190000, Russia
Tel.: +7 (812) 380-2378

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The vessels of the North-Western Shipping Company are operating in all the seas around Scandinavia, Western and Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. The main areas of operation of the North-Western Shipping Company’s fleet are the ports of the Baltic, North and Norwegian Seas, the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay, Mediterranean Sea, Red, Black, Azov and Caspian seas. The vessels of the Shipping Company make long passages around Europe along the Atlantic coast of Portugal.


During the inland waterways navigation season, from April to November, "river-sea" vessels carry out direct export-import and transit cargo transport operations from seaports in Europe to ports of the Caspian Sea and in inland waterways of Russia, delivering project cargoes and oversized objects to power plants, engineering, oil and gas plants.


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The North-Western Shipping Company’s fleet carries out year-round transport operations, mainly of metals and timber cargoes, from seaports of Murmansk and Arkhangelsk to ports in Norway, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK and Spain. During navigation along the Northern Sea Route, from July to October, the vessels of the Shipping Company transport project, general and bulk cargoes to ports on the shelf of the Kara and Barents Seas. From Murmansk and Arkhangelsk to ports in the Kara Sea - Varandey on the Yamal Peninsula, Yaro-Yakha in the Baydaratskaya Bay and to the Sabetta port under construction in the Ob Bay - the ships of the shipping company deliver equipment and building materials for the construction of facilities for oil and gas production and the construction residnetial infrastructure. The vessels of the shipping company also transport construction materials to the island of Novaya Zemlya in the Barents Sea. The shipping company has extensive experience in the delivery of goods along the Northern Sea Route and to ports of Western Siberia in the rivers Ob, Irtysh, Yenisei.


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