North-Western Shipping Company
3, Pirogova pereulok, Saint-Petersburg, 190000, Russia
Tel.: +7 (812) 380-2378
Largest carrier operating vessels of mixed “river-sea” navigation in the Russian system of waterways
Cargo volume in 2017: 5.8 mln tons
22 th. t - volume of cargo transported by the company to the Far North in 2015
50 voyages with project equipment
47 freighters of the "river-sea" type
10 sea ships
3 "ro-ro" barges of the "river-sea" type
60 vessels with a total deadweight of 288 th. tons
Carriage of bulk and general cargoes by "river-sea" motor vessels between European ports, ports in North Africa and the Middle East


Transportation volume, th. tons

Cargoes structure, %

Transportation structure, %

Clients, %

Fleet average age

Average deadweight, tons


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