Tuapse Sea Commercial Port
2, Morskoi Bulvar, Tuapse, Russia, 352800
Tel.: +7 (86167) 71-018
One of the largest stevedoring companies in Russia
Main stevedoring operator of Tuapse sea port
14.2 mln t - turnover in 2017
28 gantry cranes with lifting capacity to 124 t
19 berths with 3.2 km total length and depths to 13.5 m
7 tugboats with capacity 300-4,520 hp
Specialized grain and ro-ro terminals
Full range of services for handling of liquid oil and dry cargoes


The terminals of OJSC “Tuapse Commercial Sea Port” service vessels with a deadweight of up to 100 th. tons, a length of up to 250 m and a draft of up to 12 m.



  • 19 berths with a total length of 3.2 km and depth of up to 13.5 m
  • 28 gantry cranes with a lifting capacity of 10 to 124 tons, including
  • 4 gantry manipulator cranes 
  • 65 frontal bucket and fork-lift loaders and bulldozers with a lifting capacity of 1.5 to 37 tons
  • The total surface area of the company’s storage facilities is 47 th. sq.m., including 11 th. sq.m. of roofed warehouses.
  • 7 tugboats with a horsepower rating of 300 to 4520, providing towage to the port, mooring and securing at berths for cargo vessels
  • 10 specialized vessels for servicing transport ships, pilot operations, ensuring fire and environmental safety in the port



Grain Terminal 

Designed for receiving grain from rail transport, temporary storage in silos and loading on board sea vessels.

The terminal is equipped with high-capacity equipment with a high level of industrial and environmental safety, as well as its own accredited laboratory for determining the quality of grain.

  • Terminal capacity: 2.4 mln tons per year
  • Total surface area of the terminal: 23.7 th. sq.m.
  • Normal simultaneously stored quantity: 100 th. tons
  • Vessels like "Panamax" with a length of up to 250 m are accepted for processing

Ro-ro terminal

Designed to handle ro-ro vessels and specializes in the transshipment of imported perishable goods.

  • 2 specialized berths for vessel drafts of up to 5.5 m
  • The complex is able to receive about 200 ro-ro vessels per year
  • The production capacity of the terminal: 240 th. tons
  • The total surface area of the terminal: 12.7 th. sq.m., including 1.9 th. sq.m. of roofed warehouses
  • Normal simultaneously stored quantity: 1,500 pallets


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