Taganrog Sea Commercial Port
2, Komsomolsky spusk, Taganrog, Russia, 347900
Tel.: +7 (8634) 319-566


OJSC “Taganrog Sea Commercial Port” is the main stevedoring operator of the sea port of Taganrog. The company holds a strong position among the Russian ports of the Azov Sea basin in terms of total annual turnover.

The company provides a full range of services for transshipment of dry and liquid oil cargoes. The capacity of the “Taganrog Sea Commercial Port” allows to transship most export-import cargoes with a total volume of up to 2.2 million tons per year.

Routes from Central Russia, Siberia, the Urals and Central Asia to the Mediterranean countries and the Caspian Basin countries pass through the port of Taganrog, including by water through the Volga-Don system of inland waterways of Russia.

With a centuries-old tradition of reliable, high-quality transshipment services, the Taganrog port is confident in its future and is ready to provide its partners the most favorable conditions and a high level of service.

Cargo turnover in 2018: 1.25 mln tons.

Mode of operation of OJSC “Taganrog Sea Commercial Port”: 24/7/365.



  • Dry bulk cargoes
  • Liquid bulk cargoes
  • General cargoes
  • Containers
  • Liquid oil cargoes



  • Loading and unloading of vessels, railway cars and motor vehicles
  • Securing, unfastening of cargoes
  • Cleaning of holds after vessels are unloaded
  • Transport and freight forwarding services
  • Warehouse operations with cargoes, storage of cargoes
  • Transshipping of cargoes to sea transport vessels from other transport vehicles and vice versa
  • Direct handling of vessels carrying food products and cargoes requiring storage in specialized warehouses
  • Preparation of shipping documents 
  • Mooring operations, towing vessels
  • Handling vessels on the basis of free practique

The “Taganrog Sea Commercial Port” may perform the following works and services upon additional requests:

  • Providing berths for ship layover 
  • Cleaning of vessel holds
  • Supplying power to vessels
  • Cargo processing (repairing of packaging, repacking etc.)
  • Labeling and relabeling of cargoes
  • Securing cargoes on vehicles using special systems




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