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General Information

Transportation Assets Management (T.A. Management) is the managing company of  UCL Holding, established to optimize the management of Russian assets, as  well as to conduct a coordinated investment policy within the group’s transport companies.

The management company is responsible for five key objectives:

  • Improving the efficiency of the management of operations of the essential Russian business units — the companies of UCL Holding.
  • Developing strategies for the essential Russian business units — companies and  business segments for the years 2010-2020, as part of implementing the development strategy of UCL Holding and taking into consideration the development strategy of the transportation industry of the Russian Federation.
  • Increasing the efficiency of use of financial resources of UCL Holding’s Russian companies.
  • Coordinating the interaction between UCL Holding’s transport assets.
  • Improving the efficiency of investment activities for the modernization of the stevedoring assets and other production facilities and new fleet construction.

The implementation of development programs of the UCL Holding key divisions, which are developed and adjusted with the participation of specialists of T.A. Management, will bring the following national-scale results:

  • Renewing the Russian cargo fleet through the construction of modern vessels for river and sea transport lines;
  • Increasing the attractiveness of Russian ports for shippers through the construction of new highly efficient port terminals, expanding the range of goods, improving the quality of cargo handling in ports;
  • Improving the quality of rail transport operations by optimizing the management of the holding’s rail companies’ own fleet.


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