Misson and Strategy

Our Mission

To provide services that are competitive and consistent with international standards covering the stevedoring sector, marine, river and rail transportation, shipbuilding and cruise activities. We aim to occupy leading positions within the various sectors of the transportation industry within the Russian Federation, and be a leader in profitability of the business.

Strategic Directions for Development

To accomplish our mission, we are developing the UCL Holding in the following strategic directions:

  1. Achieve leading positions in terms of profitability among Russian stevedoring, rail, shipping, shipbuilding and cruise companies;
  2. Modernise assets and innovative development of technologies to achieve a competitive advantage and increase market share;
  3. Compliance with international standards and further development in the areas of corporate governance, security, social responsibility and environmental protection;
  4. Further increase market share in the most profitable segments of the business through the construction and acquisition of new facilities;
  5. Mergers and acquisitions, identifying strategic alliances with key customers and players;
  6. Overhaul the structure, corporate procedures and management standards of the Group in accordance with necessary requirements for an IPO.


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