Key figures

Rail cargo transportation

The rolling stock fleet of the railway division UCL Rail consists of  115.7 thousand cargo cars of various types. At the moment UCL Rail is the largest private rail cargo transportation operator in the world.

Since July 2010, the “Wagon depot “Gryazi” (Lipetsk region) is under control of the UCL Holding, which allows the railway division to maintain the fleet in excellent condion and to timely perform all the required repairs.


Stevedoring operations

The stevedoring companies of the UCL Port division handle a wide variety of goods, including containers, ro-ro cargo, metal, coal, grain, sugar, as well as oil and oil products. The total surface area of the indoor facilities and open areas at the sea terminals in St. Petersburg, Ust-Luga, Tuapse and Taganrog is about 900 thousand sq.m., the total length of berths is more than 11 km. The annual turnover of the stevedoring assets of UCL Holding is more than 30 million tons.


Sea transportation of dry cargo

The shipping division VBTH carries out transportation operations in the Baltic, Atlantic and North Sea regions, using 59 ships with a total deadweight of 277 thousand tons.

The vessels transport fertilizers, timber, lumber, steel, gravel, grain and other bulk and general cargoes to ports in Europe and North Africa.


River transportation of dry cargo

About 200 vessels (74 motor vessels, 70 barges, 20 pushboats/tugboats) and 24 units of auxiliary fleet are involved in the river transportation of dry cargo carried out by the VBTH division. The main cargoes are metals, timber, construction materials, chemical products and grain. The share of UCL Holding on the river transportation market in the European part of Russia is 30%.


River transportation of liquid cargoes

79 vessels with a total deadweight of 390,374 tons (43 tankers, 21 tug-and-tow units (21 pushboats/tugboats, 28 oil barges) and an oil pumping station are operated for the transportation of liquid cargoes. The share of UCL Holding’s vessels in the total volume of liquid cargo transported in the European part of Russia is about 15%.


Shipbuilding and vessel repairing

The production capacities of Okskaya Sudoverf allow to build modern river, sea and mixed navigation vessels with a capacity of up to 7 thousand tons. In 2011-2017 the shipyard built 39 vessels, including 10 RSD44 series dry cargo vessels for Volga Shipping Company, 12 RST27 series tankers for V.F.Tanker.

The vessels are repaired at “Borremflot”, at the “Pamyat Parizhskoy kommuny” plant and other facilities of the holding.


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