Volga Shipping Company
15A Markin square, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, 603001
Tel.: +7 (831) 431?3001
Freight transportation on the rivers and lakes
One of the largest shipping companies in Russia
7 republics and 17 industrial regions of Russia
5.2 mln t - cargo volume in 2016
10 new RSD44 project ships
74 "Volgo-Don" type ships
50 tugboats with a capacity of 800 to 2400 hp
78 non-self-propelled barges
Ship repair facilities

Key Figures

Transportation volume, mln tons

Export/import structure, th. tons

Export transportation structure, %

Inland transportation structure, %

Transportation volume by vessels types, mln tons

Fleet amount, units

Internavigational repairs



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