A ceremonial opening of the Volga Shipping Company (part of the UCL Holding) navigation on the Upper Volga took place on April 25th. The company vessel Volgo-Don 5050 passed through the gateway of the lock No.13 of Gorodets Hydro Power Plant and headed for Cherepovets for metal loading.
Vessels of the Volga Shipping Company delivered 5.2 mln tons of cargos in 2016, by 7% less than the previous year. The cargo turnover made 5.3 billion tkm, equal to the last year level.
On November 27 the Volga Shipping Company completed 2016 cargo navigation. According to recent reports the company vessels transported 5.2 mln tons of cargo, by 7% less than the previous year. 
Over the period of 9 months in 2016 the Volga Shipping vessels transported 4.2 mln tons of cargo, which is by 11.6% or 0.56 mln tons less than over the same period last year.
On April 25 a ceremonial opening of the Volga Shipping Company navigation took place on the Upper Volga.
The navigation flag of 2016 is hoisted – the Volga Shipping starts cargo navigation on the Lower Volga
The major part of funds was allocated for professional training of river workers, Collective Labour Contract execution and Veterans Care programme.
Cargo, towing, technical fleet and auxiliary vessels of the Volga Shipping are in the final stage of repairing at the company maintenance bases and ship-repairing yards.
In 2015 the Volga Shipping Company vessels delivered 5.6 mln tons of cargos, by 11% less than the previous year.
Traditional meetings of the company crew personnel with the Volga Shipping management took place in December 2015.



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